Thursday, February 25, 2021

Term 1 Week 4: Mahi Tahi and Manawaroa in Akomanga 16

Tēnā koutou! 

This week we have been really busy in akomanga 16 setting up our books, learning about how to correctly use devices and how to access goggle classroom.

Connor and his new friend 

Remy finishing his koru


We have had a few visitors in our room helping us improve how we learn about math's, which our students did really well. During math lessons we are also focusing on mahi tahi and what we wonder about the math's problem.

Tui and Connor doing maths

Remy and Frankie thinking about maths

The students are busy creating an art piece of Ranginui and Papatuanuku after watching and discussing the creation story. Which will help us inquire into whakapapa and the resilience of Tane.

Buster working on the outline for Papatuanuku

Pūtaiao was an exciting lesson for students, which took us two blocks in the morning. We observed the different reactions of water, baking powder and baking soda and then both powders with vinegar. The students used PH paper to investigate the ph scale of each solution.


Tui cheking the PH of her solution
Whaea Tini helping the tamariki decide on the PH level of our solutions

Our Te Reo Māori vocabulary is improving and student learnt rock, paper, scissors in Te Reo. Also we started Kapa Haka this week, with a large number of students turning up. The students of akomanga 16 all joined Kapa Haka and this will also helped with improving their pronounciation , Te Reo vocabulary and coordination.

Frankie searching for Te Reo words about Pēpi

  Connor's shared story writing and he is working on his fine motor skills by using a peg and picking up objects.


Noah practicing his letters

Levi and Siuta practicing their letters

Jiera and Sam concentrating on their letters

Siuta's block creation

Levi's pāngarau task

Siuta and Levi mahi tahi in action during pāngarau

Friday, February 19, 2021

Term 1 Week 3: Alert Level 3

 Kia Ora Koutou!

Well, what can we say about wiki tuatoru in akomanga 16. We couldn't come to school from Monday - Wednesday because of Auckland been put into Alert Level 3 due to the thing that shall not be named.

Monday was a day to prepare for the "what if's" and online learning was available from Tuesday. I do understand for some of our students this would have been difficult as we didn't have device's as yet and it is so early in the term. I am sure we all did our best but the main thing we stayed safe at home.

On Thursday we returned to school making sure to try not to sit close together and using sanitiser to keep our hands germ free. We tried our best to stay focused and make the most of the learning time left in week 3 by doing maths, reading, writng, Te Reo, practicing class routines, lots of discussions and playing games. Take a look at some of the mahi.

Levi's picture with labels

Sam's picture and short story

Sione's story
Jiera's picture and short story

Taisha's picture: Can you guess where she went?

Manaia's picture

Connor learning to write his name
Noah's picture and trying words

Frankies picture

Nevaeh's picture of lockdown

What was encouraging to see on Friday was all the akonga really listening and focusing while Whaea Tini gave instructions to games in Te Reo Māori and the akonga starting to understand new words.

Also we said ka kite to Reggie for now but he will back! Thank you for working with and teaching our akonga. Good luck Reggie with your studies and we will see again soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Term 1: Week 2: Getting to know our classroom routines and expectations

 Kia Ora E te whanau,

This week we have slowly been looking at what our class routines will be like in the coming weeks in akomanga 16. We always start our day with karakia, kōrero and eventually waiata, with our tuakana displaying confidence by standing first to kōrero.

We have been engaging in Pāngarau, Tuhituhi, Pānui, Te Reo Māori and Pūtaiao. The akonga found our pūtaiao lesson fun this week exploring forces with our balloon rockets. The akonga have been tested on spelling this week to help us become better spellers, readers and writers.

We are working as tuakana and teina in the akomanga and our tuakana have been doing an amazing job helping out teina in all aspects of our kura.

Week 3 we are hoping to introduce devices into our akomanga, so we will need to learn how to be safe on devices but also to look after them in our akomanga.


Reggie our student teacher doing pānui with the akonga


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This is the problem our akonga trying to work out

Noah and Taisha collaborating 

Girone and Jaymie-Lee working with Whaea Trina

Mania and Frankie discussing how they can workout the problem 

Buster and Remy trying to work out the problem many different ways

Nevaeh and Siuta have solved the problem one way


Taisha, Noah and Sam getting their rocket ready

Manaia, Frankie and Tui nearly ready ready for lift off

Girone and Jaymie-Lee curious about the round rocket

Levi, Julius, Connor and Buster getting ready for lift off with their round rockets

Sione and Remy with their skinny rocket

Recording the flight paths of our balloon rockets 

Lift off time!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Term 1 Week 1: This weeks focus has been making connections: Whanaungatanga

 Kia Ora E te whanau!

This week in Ruma tekau ma ono, we have been making connections in several ways from daily routines such as Karakia, Pēpēhā, practicing commands in Te Reo Māori, sharing information about ourselves, math's, art and also playing games.

We have looked at our basic facts, letter construction skills and the word resilient, which is part of our New Windsor Way. All of the students are working together in tuakana (older)  teina (younger) pairs to help us all settle into the new school year and our new classroom.

Ruma tekau ma ono ākonga have settled nicely into our new classroom and school bell times, with lots of different types of learning taking place from collaboration, respect, focus, confidence, resilience, Tikanga and responsibility.

Take a look at some of the great pictures showing the many different learning experiences that took place for Week 1.



Jaymie-Lee and Girone :Solving math's problems 


Pāngarau: Girone and Frankie practicing writing their numbers to 10

Manaia and Frankie solving maths problems 

Buster and Levi solving math's problem with materials

Taisha and Noah

Siuta, Jiera and Nevaeh

Sam and Sione

Mahi Toi
Taisha and Manaia discussing what is important to them

Siuta, Jiera, Nevaeh and Sione working hard to complete their Koru art.
Buster and Levi working on their Koru Art, drawing objects and people that are important to them.

Ngā Kemu

Playing Games: Hare in the whare
Getting ready for silent ball


Siuta, Sam, Frankie and Levi working with the teacher on practicing our letter construction

Girone and Levi working together solve the puzzle

Girone and Levi worked together so amazingly that they finished the puzzle

Rāmere Wiki tuatahi: Akomanga 16 had an awesome week👍👍


Term 1 Week 4: Mahi Tahi and Manawaroa in Akomanga 16

Tēnā koutou!  This week we have been really busy in akomanga 16 setting up our books, learning about how to correctly use devices and how to...